Vintage Shop Japan was established at February 14 2022 in order to promote a charm and quaint of Japanese culture through offering a varieties of Japanese vintaged and valued items.

I have always thought about taking good care of things, and treasuring our own quaint culture for a long time.
An old film camera can be used if they are maintenance and cleaned well. I know from my experience that film camera can capture a different taste of picture which digital camera cannot show.

I would like to share my thoughts with a people who reach our shop and use our valued products. We source products with a big potential and do maintenance and cleaning and offer a number of valued vintaged products.
We may find old cameras and radio cassette recorder which cannot be used any more, but we could offer them as a beautiful interior item.
Vintage Shop Japan will offer a number of value with the vintaged things.

Managing Director Kazuya Maruishi


I am a Managing Director of food distributor for food service and it is my 7th year since established when I was 49. I have established Vintage Shop Japan for my good friend from elementary school, Takashi Okumura. He has diagnosed with leukemia four years ago and he has wandering between life and death for a while. Luckily a doner was found and he was recovered.

However it is difficult to work full time at Japanese company He needed a job that would allow him to work when he was feeling well, and would allow him to have a rest. To assist Mr. Okumura get back into the workforce, we started Vintage Shop Japan.

Another good friend from the same elementary school, Kazuhiro Okamura, who is now a professional photographer, agreed to work with us in the technical department.

Now, we are ready to strengthen our capabilities in purchasing, cleaning and maintenance, and location shooting.


We would like to provide a work opportunity for people like Mr Okumura and to assist to get back into the workforce. We believe this is our mission.


Company name
Vintage Shop Japan inc.
Managing Director
Kazuya Maruishi
4-10, 10 Chome, 3 Jo, Heiwa Nishiku Sapporo
1,400,000 yen
October 7 2021
February 14 2022
Purchase and sell of vintaged products Camera, Lenses, Radio cassette recorder, Audio, Record, Cassette tape, Electrical appliances, Animation goods, Used cars, Used motorcycles