Maintenance Report

A breath of fresh air after a long time!



at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

I could see it!

We have recently introduced you to MAMIYA’s rangefinder cameras, and for the first time in a long time, we have made an interesting discovery!

The film counter dial appears to be a face!

Looking at the stand-alone,

The visible part is invisible to the eye in isolation.

The part that looks like a nose also does not look like a nose by itself.

And the mouth.
It looks like a mouth with the bottom out to the side!

Everyone has their own way of seeing and feeling things, but I saw it as a face!

And I could breathe a sigh of relief!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura