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A manual focus film SLR camera Part 2 !



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Today, we would like to introduce a vintage film single lens reflex camera released in 1960 by Canon from among the items on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

What is a film SLR camera?

An SLR camera is a camera with a mechanism in which light is passed through a single lens to a mirror, which reflects the light back and is sensitized to film for recording.

For more information on film SLR cameras, see the column below.

How Film SLR Cameras Work

Film and ISO Sensitivity

Found in the viewfinder of a film SLR camera!

The battery compartment of a film SLR camera!

Let us introduce you to our products.

Introduction of Products

Canonflex RP Body + SUPER-CANOMATIC R 50mm f1.8 Lens

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Product Details

Camera body has minor scuffs and scratches from age and normal use.

The shutter speed operates in a variable manner.

The film winding lever is attached to the bottom of the camera.

The self-timer operates normally.

Mirrors and screens have slight dirt and dust.

The viewfinder section is dirty.

The attached lens has a little dust on the front lens.

Rear lens has a little dust.

There are small scratches. 

The focusing ring is heavy.

There are oil stains on the aperture feather.

The lens mount is a Canon R mount.

The film room is

The malt has deteriorated over time.

Included are a lens filter and a hard case.

Point of Appeal

This film SLR camera and lens were released in 1960. It is a vintage product from 63 years ago, but it is a camera that does not feel its age.

The camera set is very massive and is a joy to own.

So far, we have introduced a vintage film SLR camera released in 1960 by Canon from among the items on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

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