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A piece of Sapporo in autumn!



at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

I had to go out.
I went out with this film compact camera to take some test shots
in Sapporo before the season changes from autumn to snowy winter.


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And for this shoot.
I used FUJIFILM FUJICOLOR 100 (ISO 100) film.

The monument stands in Odori Nishi 11-chome,
across Route 230 from the westernmost part of Odori Park,
famous for the Sapporo Snow Festival.


The Maibaum was presented to Sapporo in 1976 to
commemorate the sister city relationship between
Sapporo and Muechen, Germany, which was established in 1972.

What a sister city!
50 years!
You can feel the history!

For more information, please visit the City of Sapporo’s website.

Click here to visit the City of Sapporo’s website

Anyway, it was a large monument, decorated with many
nice plaques that gave a sense of old Germany
and its scenery.

Every summer, the village is transformed into
Sapporo German Village, where visitors can enjoy not only
German beer, but also sausages and home-cooked food.

I didn’t pay much attention to it since I usually just drive by,
but it was a new discovery.

It was almost time for snow to fall, so the trees nearby
were changing colors.

And if you turn around on the other side, you get this view!

Seen in the center.
Found a building with an amazing history!

The details of this building will be introduced in the next
issue of “An Autumn Scene in Sapporo”.

I took a test shot with a compact film camera this time,
and I think it captured beautifully with good colors.

We hope you will be interested in film cameras
in a casual way.

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Writer Takashi Okumura