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n this issue.

On a vintage Canon FD lens.

The red letters that appear after the lens name letters


I will write about the meaning of these letters.

The following explanation will be given using lenses currently on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

Canon FD 200mm f/4 S.S.C.

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Although there is some overlap with the previous column on cleaning work for this reference lens, I will write it again.

What is S.S.C.?

S.S.C. is an abbreviation for Super Spectra Coating, the name of Canon’s lens coating.

Normally, camera lenses are coated
coating to prevent reflections.

Canon’s S.S.C. Coating is a
This is a multi-layer coating that removes lens reflections and hardens the lens surface to make it durable, in order to produce the same color regardless of the lens type.

Anyway, a lens that can express unchanging colors is an amazing technology that was developed over a long period of time.


I felt the red letters of S.S.C. as a strong statement of Canon lenses.

This wonderful technology is

There are no red letters, but it seems that the technology has been inherited by modern Canon lenses.

Once again, this column made me feel the excellence of Japanese vintage lens technology.

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