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About Minolta 35mm film camera lens mounts



at first

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In this issue.
I will write about the mounts for Minolta 35mm film cameras (SLR cameras)
in an easy-to-understand manner.

I will comparison using item sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

Minolta MC ROKKOR-PG50mm f/1.4

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The mount for this lens is called the MC mount.

Since the lens has the MC Rokkor name on it.

Although it is called the MC mount, the

the manufacturer had named it Minolta mount.


Minolta SLR camera at that time in 1975, and

Minolta XE

Minolta X-1

Minolta SRT-101

Minolta SR-T Super

If your camera is above

The lenses with the name “MC ROKKOR”, including the lenses

introduced here, can be installed.

What a surprise, when you attach it to the camera

The mount seems to be designed to be a one-touch, 1/8-turn, and

can be replaced in only 2 seconds.

This was probably a revolutionary specification at the time.

Even other manual focus lenses.

There are other manual focus lenses that are not named “MC”.

I hope to be able to introduce them at the next opportunity.

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Writer Takashi Okumura