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Accessory shoe design for FUJIFILM’s FUJICA-branded half-film cameras!



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Today we will take a look at the accessory shoe of FUJIFILM’s FUJICA brand film half camera released in 1963.

FUJICA Half (Reference product)


The accessory shoe is located in the center of the camera ceiling surface.

It is mainly used to attach a strobe.

It has a thick steel accessory shoe that is slightly embedded in the body.

The camera’s serial number is imprinted on the accessory shoe.

In this issue, we introduced the accessory shoe of FUJIFILM’s FUJICA-brand half-camera released in 1963.

In this era, there was always a demand to attach a post-mounted strobe.

In this issue, we were able to learn that the accessory shoe, which is a common feature of film SLR cameras, started with half cameras!

Please look forward to my next installment, which will focus on the various functional parts and good design of film cameras!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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