Maintenance Report

aiwa 3 band radio cassette tape recorder rm-21 cleaning work


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This radio cassette tape recorder’s
Cleaning work will be performed.

aiwa rm-21

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Blow dry the entire area with a blower.

Wipe with a towel using living room detergent diluted with water.

Wipe the rod antenna as well.

Use cotton swabs or toothpicks to clean up grooves and other small areas.

The earphone jack is also cleaned.

The tuning display section is
easily scratched, so clean without force.

Clean the battery compartment.

Dust the tape compartment with a blower.

The head section is cleaned when the power is turned on to check the operation.

Finally, wipe again with a soft cloth.

Except for cassette tape head cleaning.

Cleaning is finished.

Operation check and cassette tape head cleaning work are
Technical Report will follow in the next issue.

Writer T.Okumura