Maintenance Report

aiwa 3 band radio cassette tape recorder rm-21 operation check and cassette tape head cleaning work


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Following the previous cleaning work
Operation check and cassette tape head cleaning work.

Click here for YouTube channel ↓.  ←Cleaning work version  ←Checking operation 

Check the AC power supply.

Check the audio output with the radio.

Insert batteries and check the power supply.

Check the audio output with the radio.

Since the power supply was confirmed to be normal
Insert the head of the cassette deck into the cassette deck.
Use dry head cleaning tape to clean the cassette deck heads.
Dry cleaning tape.

Next, check the sound output of the cassette tape.
The sound source used is
recorded at a family music concert 48 years ago in my own home!

Next, check the recording from the microphone.

Finally, check the output from the earphone jack.

Everything was confirmed to be in working order!

Cassette tapes have been popular again since around 2010.
Today, music is mostly listened to digitally or in data format.
music players and cell phone music players.
You can easily listen to music anywhere with a music player or a music player on your mobile phone.

However, the sound quality of cassette tapes is softer than that of digital tapes.

This product is a 28-year-old cassette recorder, and its design and colors are more conservative than those of the 1970s.

However, it is easy to carry and
And you can enjoy the sound anywhere!
While it doesn’t have stereo sound.
You can enjoy music, language lessons, etc., with this cassette recorder.
It can even record!
Radio may be difficult to listen to in different countries, but you may hear something you never thought you’d hear!

Take this with you when you walk around town.
Communicate with young people!
You may be able to communicate with young people…!

Writer T.Okumura