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And when I say vintage camera, I mean twin-lens reflex!



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This time, we will focus on twin-lens reflex cameras, which are representative of vintage cameras.

We would like to introduce the twin-lens reflex cameras currently on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

A twin-lens reflex camera is a camera with a vertical body and two vertical lenses.
The upper lens is used for focusing and the lower lens is used for shooting.

For more information, please see the column article about twin-lens reflex cameras below!

How a Twin Lens Reflex Camera Works
About Two-Lens Reflex Cameras
Film camera from the 1950s!

Let us introduce you to our products.

Hachiyo Opt Alpenflex Orient Ⅱ

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This item is in as-is condition.

The exterior of the camera has a general feeling of use and

There is rust.

Of the four feet on the bottom of the unit.

One is missing.


Focus loupe is a

Scratches and stains.

The viewfinder screen is

There is fog, mold and dirt.

Both the view lens (top) and the shooting lens (bottom) are

There is fog, mold, and scratches.

The shutter of the shooting lens can be released.

The film room has signs of use, dirt and scratches.


We have not checked the operation with the film inserted.

Due to the condition as described above, the product is in as-is condition.

This is a twin-lens reflex camera made in 1954, about 70 years ago.

I think this twin-lens reflex camera is still a camera that can be enjoyed by carefully studying its structure and mechanics, or by using it as part of an interior design.

Why don’t you pick up this very historic twin-lens reflex camera and live a life with a great vintage camera!

This time we introduced a twin-lens reflex camera.

In addition to the twin-lens reflex camera! introduced this time, we also sell vintage cameras and lenses, anime goods, and radio cassette players, so please see the URL below.

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Writer Takashi Okumura