Maintenance Report

ASAHI OPT.(PENTAX) SMC PENTAX-M 135mm f/3.5 Cleaning work


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We will be cleaning these lenses that we purchased this time.

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First, remove the front cap from the lens body.

Remove dust from the exterior of the lens body with a blower.

Wipe the body with a towel using anhydrous ethanol.

Clean the moving parts as well.

Remove dust from the front lens with a blower

Use anhydrous ethanol and wipe with silicon paper.

Remove dust from the rear lens with a blower
Wipe the rear lens with anhydrous ethanol and silicon paper.
Since the rear lens is located at the back, remove dust thoroughly.

Use a cotton swab to clean.

Wipe the lens mount using anhydrous ethanol and silvon paper.

Wipe the front cap with Silbon paper using anhydrous ethanol.

Check the lens operation.

Finally, attach the front lens cap.
Cleaning is completed.

The lens cleaned this time is an ASAHI OPT.(PENTAX) telephoto lens.
Although it is a telephoto lens, it weighs only about 300g and is moderately light.
The lens is in beautiful condition.
Even after cleaning, there is no fading of the lettering on the lens, so it could be mistaken for a brand new lens.

Please enjoy the fun of vintage lenses with this lens.

Writer T.Okumura