Maintenance Report

ASAHI OPT.(PENTAX) Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 200mm f/4 lens cleaning work


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ASAHI OPT.(PENTAX) Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 200mm f/4

We will be cleaning these lenses that we purchased this time

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First, remove the front cap from the lens body.

Remove dust from the exterior of the lens body using a blower.

Remove the rear lens cap and lens filter.

Wipe the body with a towel using anhydrous ethanol.

Dust the front lens with a blower.
Use anhydrous ethanol and wipe with silvon paper.

Remove dust from the rear lens with a blower.
Since the rear lens is located at the back of the body, dust it thoroughly.

Use anhydrous ethanol and clean with a cotton swab and Silvon paper.

Clean the extension when it is telephoto.

Wipe the lens mount with Silvon paper using anhydrous ethanol.

Check the lens operation.

Clean the front lens cap.

Clean the rear lens cap.

Clean the lens filter.

Finally, install the lens filter, rear lens cap, and front lens cap

Cleaning is complete.

The lens cleaned this time is an ASAHI OPT.(PENTAX) telephoto lens.
The lens is a little heavy because it is a telephoto lens.

The lens and the exterior are both in good condition.
Perhaps the lens has been handled with care because it is a little heavy.

There is no fading of the lettering at all and it works well.
It is an excellent lens.

No one would think that this lens is about 50 years old.

As I always say, Japanese technology is a wonderful thing!

Why don’t you join the world of vintage cameras!

Writer T.Okumura