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Asahi Optics film SLR camera eye-level finder design!



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The first thing you see in a film SLR camera is the eye-level finder.

It is the eye-level finder at the top of the body, shaped like a pyramid.

In this article, we would like to look at Asahi Optics’s eye-level finder design.

Please refer to the following column for more information about film SLR cameras.

How Film SLR Cameras Work

ASAHI PENTAX SV (Reference product)

The manufacturer’s logo is on the top and the words ASAHI PENTAX are on the bottom.

This is an angle from an angle.
You can see that the shape is basically straight lines. 
And the manufacturer’s logo is emphasized in the design.

When viewed from the side, the area near the top has a much smaller curved treatment.

View from directly above.
You can see that the basic shape is a straight line.

The back side appears to have a special shape due to the straight sections coming together from the front.

The ASAHI PENTAX SV introduced here is an SLR camera released in 1962. 

It has an eye-level finder based on straight lines, very similar to the Minolta SR-1 released in 1959 and the Canon Flex RP released in 1960, which we introduced previously.

In the early design of SLR cameras in Japan, all manufacturers had similar designs, but they were gradually differentiated from other manufacturers. This SV was differentiated from other manufacturers by its unique curved design above the base where the manufacturer’s logo is placed. And from this time, the PENTAX logo, which is not on the lens, is on the camera.

From this SV, Asahi Optics’s SLR cameras are evolving rapidly.

We will continue to look at the eye-level finders of PENTAX film SLR cameras in the next issue. Enjoy!

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