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Asahi Optics’s SLR Camera Film Indicator!



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In this issue, we will look at the film indicator of the 1973 SLR camera released by Asahi Optics.

ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC F (Reference product)

The film indicator is a function that sets the type of film in the camera and makes it easy to understand.

It is located on the underside of the rewind crank.

The type of film is indicated by an illustration mark in the window in the area labeled FILM.

The type of film can be changed by turning the knurled knobs on the inner circle.

This green color mark indicates the presence of colored film for electric light.

The orange color mark is a color film display for daylight.

Black-white color markings are for black-and-white film display.

The EX and red color window on the lower side of the FILM display indicates the number of film sheets used.

Rotate the knurled knob on the outside to display.

The red-colored numbers can be used to indicate whether the camera was designed for 20 or 36 shots, which were available at the time.

In this issue, I introduced the film indicator of the Asahi Optics SLR camera released in 1973.

I had overlooked the film indicator until writing this column, but upon further investigation, I discovered that it is a wonderful feature that allows the type of camera film used at the time of the camera’s release to be displayed in great detail.

It is a small part, but I found it to be a very kind and important function.

We will continue to discover and introduce various manufacturers’ unique features, etc., so please look forward to it!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura