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Body grip design of a Minolta film compact autofocus camera!



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Today we have a body grip for a Minolta film autofocus compact camera released in 1983.

(Reference product without front cover)


Body grips are located on the rear and both sides of the camera.

One location is around the film chamber opening and closing.

The other is exactly where the thumb rests on the shutter release side.

This time we introduced a body grip for Minolta’s film compact autofocus camera released in 1983.

A grip is an indispensable item for photography.

In this camera, the grip is quite simplified. There is only a vertical cutout.

There is no grip on the front part.

The grip section of this camera is quite adventurous, but I felt that it was a little lacking when it comes to this body grip!

We will continue to introduce various film cameras and their functional designs in the future!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura