Maintenance Report

Canon A35 Datelux camera cleaning work


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Canon A35 Datelux

We will be cleaning this camera that we purchased this time

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Remove dust from the exterior

Open the film chamber to remove dust

Metal part
Swab with anhydrous ethanol

Dust the main battery compartment

Swab the main battery compartment with anhydrous ethanol

Remove dust from flash battery compartment

Swab the flash battery compartment with anhydrous ethanol

Remove dust from the lens

Clean the lens with anhydrous ethanol on silbon paper

Clean the viewfinder

Wipe the exterior of the body with a towel using anhydrous ethanol

Operation check

The cleaning and operational checks have been completed

This camera was introduced in 1977.

It was the first Canon camera with a built-in flash.

Canon’s official website can be found here.

Canon official website

And the details of the camera are
introduced in CANON CAMERA MUSEUM.


This time, the camera is
The main battery was missing and we could not check the operation.
The shutter sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
The strobe was not able to be checked because of the lack of main battery.

The viewfinder is cloudy.

The lens is clean.

The body has some signs of use.

Since it is in the above condition

We are selling it as a parts collector.

It has a good design.
It is suitable for those who can reproduce it or use it as parts.

Thank you in advance!

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Writer Takashi Okumura