Maintenance Report

Canon Canonet( SE 45mm f/1.9 ) Camera cleaning work


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Canon Canonet( SE 45mm f/1.9 )

We will be cleaning this camera that we purchased this time.

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First, remove the camera from the leather case.

Remove the dust from the exterior of the camera with a blower.

Remove the lens cap and clean the body.

Use anhydrous ethanol and wipe with silvon paper.
It is an old camera but clean exterior.

Dust the lens section as well.
Use anhydrous ethanol and wipe with silvon paper.

Clean the viewfinder with cotton swab using anhydrous ethanol.

Open the film chamber and use a blower to remove dust.

Clean the film chamber with anhydrous ethanol and silicon paper.

Clean the back of the lens.

The leather case is cleaned with mink oil.

Blow inside the case.

Clean the attached lens hood and leather case.

Clean the lens cap.

Check the operation.

Install the case and the cleaning is complete!

This Canonet was released in 1961. This is a vintage camera, 61 years old!

It is amazing that I have a camera that was released 4 years before I was born.
I am surprised that it has kept its beautiful condition.

It seems to have been released for the general public at that time, but it is just so heavy!
It is not something you can easily carry around in your bag.
It is as heavy as a single-lens reflex camera.
You can feel its presence when you wear the belt of the leather case on your shoulder.

It is also a unique camera with a shutter lever on the bottom.
This gives it a clean design impression.
Even though it is heavy, if you enjoy film cameras, you will rather find enjoyment in using it.
You might discover something new, or learn something about what it was like when it was first released!

From this camera
Enjoy your film camera life from this camera!

Writer T.Okumura