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Canon film SLR camera autofocus auxiliary light emitter design!



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In this issue, we introduce the autofocus auxiliary light emitter for Canon’s 1990 film SLR cameras.

Canon EOS 10 QD (Reference product)

The autofocus auxiliary light emitter is the part of the camera that shines momentarily for focusing in dark places such as at night.

The clear red area at the top between the lens mount and the grip is the light emitter.

The auxiliary light emitter is located at the top, which has a large area. The lower part is the light receiving part of the camera remote control.

In this article, we have introduced an autofocus auxiliary light emitter for Canon’s 1990 release of SLR cameras.

This was an early film SLR camera for autofocus shooting, but it was an era when various features stood out greatly.

The slightly dark red auxiliary light emitter section was a distinctive feature of this camera.


I will continue to write about areas of film cameras that caught my attention and designs that stand out, so please look forward to reading more!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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