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Canon film SLR camera eye-level finder design Part 2!



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In the previous article, we looked at Canon’s 1960s film SLR camera eye-level finder, and in this article, we will look at the eye-level finder design of a film SLR camera released in 1973.

We will compare it to the 1960 release of the CanononflexRP.

And we will use the camera on sale at our vintage shop Japan Inc.

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Front. The manufacturer’s logo is on the diagonal side.
The center mark for lens alignment is on the bottom face.

Comparison with CanononflexRP.
The horizontal dimension of the top surface is quite different.


An angle from an angle. The accessory shoe is completely fixed.

Comparison with CanononflexRP.


View from the side. The accessory shoe is neatly attached.

CononflexRP, but the angle toward the rear end is quite different.


Top surface.

The difference in the angle toward the rear end can be clearly seen when viewed from the top.


Back side. The side of the accessory shoe base is slanted.


In this article, we compare the old and new eye-level finders in the same Canon.

There is a difference of more than 10 years between the releases in terms of chronology, but the comparison is clear.
The AE-1’s still have a linear design, but by the 1980s, a lot has changed.           

We will continue to look at eye-level finder designs.

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