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Canon film SLR camera shutter button design!



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In this issue, we will look at the shutter button design of an autofocus film SLR camera released in 1990 by Canon.

Canon EOS 10 QD (Reference product)

The shutter release button is located on the top of the grip in front of the shutter speed and aperture adjustment dial.

There is a button on one side of the long-hole-shaped depression.

It is a round button with a very light touch.

In this article, we introduced the shutter button on Canon’s 1990 release autofocus SLR camera.

The shutter release button is located on a large grip, and the touch of the button is designed so that it can be pressed with little burden on the force required to hold the grip.

It is a great shutter button from the photographer’s point of view that is easy to press.


I will continue to write columns on the interesting aspects and functions of film cameras, so please look forward to them!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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