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Canon rangefinder cameras!



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In this issue, we will discuss Canon’s rangefinder cameras

I have written a column about my thoughts after comparing old and new cameras with reference to cameras currently on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan, Inc.

Canon Canonet 

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The Canonet was introduced in 1961.

The appearance is the standard silver color for cameras of the time.

Canon A35 Datelux

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A35 Datelux was introduced in 1977.
The exterior of the body is beautiful black with the manufacturer’s name in white and the model name in yellow.

The major difference between the two cameras is the position of the film winding lever.

Canonet’s winding lever is located on the bottom, unique to Canon of this era.

Hats off to the manufacturer’s creative idea, aside from the operational aspects.

The A35 Datelux is located in the standard modern upper shutter button position.

The color of the lens lettering is a beautiful green or yellow.

The part that the two cameras have almost in common is the design of the exterior.

I think the slanted design of the window for the rangefinder is common to both old and new models.
It is very stylish.

This is what I thought about Canon’s rangefinder camera.

I will continue to write a column about the differences between old and new film cameras as I think of them, so please look forward to it!

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