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Canon rangefinder compact camera!



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Today we have a Canon rangefinder film compact camera released in 1965.

Canonet QL 25 (Reference product)


This compact camera has a steel silver-colored body with black-colored pasted leather.
The upper front part is equipped with a range viewfinder window, a camera lens, and a synchro flash socket next to it.

The lens will be 45mm f/2.5.

The Cds exposure sensor window is located on the top of the lens.

The lens is equipped with a shutter speed ring, aperture ring, focus ring, and distance scale ring.

On the opposite side of the shutter speed ring is the film sensitivity setting lever.

The top of the camera has a film rewind handle, accessory shoe, film winding lever, and shutter release button.

On the bottom is a push button for rewinding the film, a tripod seat, a film counter, and a battery compartment.

There is a viewfinder at the rear. There are strap brackets at both ends.

The lever to open and close the film chamber lid is located on the left side.

In this issue, we introduced Canon’s rangefinder film compact camera released in 1965.

Canon’s Canonet series was a film compact camera that lasted from 1961 to about 1972 and was also Canon’s first compact camera.

This QL 25 is a compact camera, but its size was quite large.

We will continue to pick up the pieces of interest about this Canonet in the future, so please look forward to them!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura