Maintenance Report

Canon ZOOM NewFD 70-210mm f/4  lens cleaning work



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Canon ZOOM NewFD 70-210mm f/4

We will be cleaning these lenses that we purchased this time.

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Remove the front lens cap. 

Remove dust from the exterior of the lens body.

Wipe the lens body with a towel using anhydrous ethanol.

After dusting the front lens

Use anhydrous ethanol and wipe with silvon paper.

After removing dust from the rear lens

Using anhydrous ethanol, wipe it off using Silvon paper.

After dusting the lens mount

Using anhydrous ethanol, wipe with silvon paper and cotton swabs

Wipe the rear lens cap using anhydrous ethanol

and silvon paper.

Confirmation of operation.

Check the movement of the focus ring

and aperture feather.

Attach the rear lens cap

Cleaning and operation check are finished.

This lens was released in 1980.

It is a vintage lens released 42 years ago.

For details of the specifications, please refer to the following page in Canon’s official website

CANON CAMERA MUSEUM on Canon’s official website.

Please visit this URL

The lens mount is Canon FD mount.

There is mold on the inside of the front lens and the inside lens.

Therefore, it is priced at a reasonable price.

The exterior is very clean, so we hope you can use it for various purposes!

We hope you will love this lens no matter what condition it is in if you take care of it.

Please get it and enjoy the vintage lens!

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Writer Takashi Okumura