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Christmas with Doraemon!


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at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Merry Christmas!

How are you all spending Christmas!

Three Doraemons, which I introduced in a previous column, wanted to taste Christmas, so I went out to see them.

Held in Odori Park in the center of Sapporo City
Muenchen Christmas Market in Sapporo.

Doraemon was very much looking forward to the annual event where Christmas goods were sold and food was served, but he missed the opening hours and his shoulders were slumped.

And just as I was leaving, I discovered the Christmas lights were on!

Maybe he was happy to see the Christmas lights, but he was back to his usual expression of Doraemon.

And finally, we quietly celebrated the Nativity of Jesus Christ from outside the church!

We had a good Christmas!

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Come on in and see Doraemon that’s sure to make you smile!

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Have a wonderful Christmas!!!