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CONTAX film SLR camera eye-level finder design!



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A series of eye-level finder designs for film SLR cameras!

In this issue, we will introduce the eye-level finder design of CONTAX’s manual focus film SLR cameras released in 1987.

CONTAX 167MT (Reference product)

This film SLR camera was released in 1987 with a black body composed of steel and plastic.

The manufacturer’s logo is an engraved type white logo on the front trapezoidal section.
All capitals are spelled out.

This is an angle from an oblique front view.

The front trapezoidal section incorporates a lighted window for the LCD display, which can be checked when looking through the viewfinder.

View from diagonally above.
The pedestal for the accessory shoe sits smartly on the top surface.

View from the side.
The top surface of the top edge is horizontal with no slope. The accessory shoe is almost completely hidden.

Viewed from the top, one can see that the design is straight with almost no curved surfaces.

Back side.
Simple design.
The accessory shoe is inconspicuous and streamlined.

View from diagonally behind.

The pedestal part of the accessory shoe fits smartly.

In this issue, we introduced the eye-level finder of a manual focus SLR camera released in 1987 by CONTAX.

The CONTAX 167MT is a CONTAX-brand SLR camera, a partnership between Kyocera and Carl Zeiss of Germany.
I have been researching about this camera, and it seems to be that Porsche design.
It has a very solid German feel to it. It is a design that you can understand the greatness of its presence just by looking at it.

I would like to introduce CONTAX film SLR cameras when I have a chance.

And I will cover various eye-level finder designs again, so please look forward to it!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura