Maintenance Report

Datsun Fairlady SR311  “Part 1”


at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Hello everyone!

Today, this is a nice vintage car.

Here’s a report on the Fairlady SR311 !

This SR311 has been my favorite since I was 20 years old

(I’m 56 now).

This SR311 is owned by my older friend, Mr. and Mrs.


I usually keep it in the garage and ride it when the weather

is nice or when I go touring with the members of the SR311

Owners Club.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Yashima.

It’s hard to see Mr. Yashima’s face because of the light

and the shadow cast by his hat.

But he is not a suspicious person (laugh).

I must confess that I failed to take a picture (sorry).

It has been about 36 years since we met, and we see each

other about once or twice a month.

We have been good friends for about one or two times a


Mr. Yashima takes very good care of his car, replacing parts,

maintaining it, and polishing it in his spare time.

He polishes it in his spare time.

This Fairlady SR311 was manufactured in 1968.

When Mr. Yashima got it, it was in a weirdly altered state.

From this state, we spent a lot of time and money to restore everything

and restored it to its original state.

Top photo is open, bottom photo is with the top up.

The top has been re-covered and is solid.

My favorite backstyle !

You can also open a trunk room for service.^^

Shining emblem on the side!

And the interior is perfect.!

Clean engine compartment.!

Since you’re here, I’d like you to watch and listen to the

engine operation.

Isn’t it nice? This engine sound!

Each part is missing and has been replaced with substitute

parts, but

It’s hard to believe that this car is very 50 years old.

Driving it around town, it attracts attention from people

other than car enthusiasts, but

but it is an old man who is driving. (laugh)

By the way, the current FAIRLADY Z is

This is Nissan’s official website.

Click here for URL

Unfortunately, SR311 is not on the list.

Nissan’s official website, where you can find all the Z’s from the past generations.

Click here for URL

I’ll see you tomorrow for the rest of this!


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Photography & Interview by Takashi Okumura

Written by Kazuya Maruishi