Maintenance Report

Datsun Fairlady SR311  ”Part 2”


at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Pulled out of garage and prepared for photo shoot in the

spacious parking lot next door.!

From the height of these lights to the fenders to the tail from

the eye level.

I love this smart curvy beauty.

This is the unique style of “SR311”!

I am sure that the lady of the fair lady can be said to have

the very curves of a lady.

Ah! I beg your pardon (laughs).

The second daughter here was still in elementary school

when I first met her.

But now she is a lovely lady (don’t tell her how old she is).

I bet the granddaughter born to that lady will be a wonderful

lady in the future !

Mr. Yashima’s eldest daughter was out of town today and I

was not able to take pictures.

I hope to post it later.

Mr. Yashima was happy to be able to take a picture with his

daughter and granddaughter for the first time in a long time,

as he does not get many opportunities like this.^^

Now, let’s start with the inside of the car.

The shift knob I mentioned in Part 1.

The mat you can see beyond the shift knob is also


That’s nice!

New boots, steering wheel and seats have all been


And engine room

VAN” even though you can’t see it when you close the hood.

VAN” also on the front mask!

VAN, a brand we all loved when we were young.

This looks good on you again.!!

When SR311 was launched, Ivy fashion was a part of the

young people’s lifestyle in Japan.

Ivy, which directly translates to ivy, is a fashion style that

originated from the fashion of college students on the East Coast

of the United States in the 1950s, and is a so-called trad style.

The fashion brand “VAN” was one of the first to introduce

it in Japan, and it was accepted by fashion-conscious young

people in the 1960s.

The Japanese comic duo “The Bonchi” is also famous for

their Ivy fashion

The Bonchi” Official Website

Click here for URL

Takashi Okumura when he was 18 years old (the interviewer for

this article, now a 57 year old man, had a time like this… lol)

It wasn’t just fashion that was affected, but lifestyle as well.

It seems that it was fashionable for young people at that time

to put a “VAN” sticker on their own cars.

This SR311 also has the “VAN” plate, which gives it the perfect

The “VAN” plate gives it the perfect atmosphere of the time.

Today, VAN’s Ivy fashion is still alive and well.!!


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☆☆Tires and wheels are shiny☆☆

Door mirrors are also in their original shape

Here is a selection of photos for you to see.!

Actually, Mr. Yashima made the electrical harness himself

from the drawing board.!

But I am very sorry!

Only this image is mosaiced.・・・

Mr. Yashima

When I was young, diving was my hobby, and even though I

was busy, I still had time to spare.

He used to go to Okinawa and remote islands especially in

Japan, but he also went to Tahiti and other foreign countries

to enjoy diving.

I was using an underwater camera at the time.

This underwater camera has been used only a few times, as

he enjoyed diving more than taking pictures.

After all, Mr. Yashima takes good care of his things.

Very well stored and kept in very good condition.

We received a request to sell this used underwater camera,

so we took care of it, cleaned and maintained it, and put it

on the market for sale.

Click here to visit the exhibit site.

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More on the underwater camera in tomorrow’s column!


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Photography & Interview by Takashi Okumura

Written by Kazuya Maruishi