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Design of the film loading section of a Canon film compact camera!



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Today we will take a look at the film loading section design of an auto-focus film compact camera released by Canon in 1979.

Canon AF35M Autoboy (Reference product)

The lid of the film chamber is designed to match the film compartment of the camera.

The film chamber is opened to reveal the film loading section.

The floor of the body is shaped so that the top of the film can be easily and smoothly loaded.

The film is loaded in this way.

Today we have a look at the film loading design of Canon’s 1979 release auto-focus compact camera.

Even compact cameras of this era were designed for smooth film loading.

It was clear that even compact cameras were designed for quick film changes!

Please look forward to my future columns where I will continue to introduce designs and functions of film cameras that you may be interested in!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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