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Easy to use compact camera!



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In this issue, we will introduce compact cameras that allow you to easily enjoy film photography.

We will introduce the compact cameras currently on sale at

our Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

We have already introduced this camera before.

Please take a look!


This is the world’s first compact camera with a function that allows you to release the shutter by voice.

You’ll never miss a shutter chance in any situation!

Of course, there is a normal shutter release button, so you can easily take film pictures.

It is a nice film compact camera with fun functions.

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Konica film compact camera Part2!


The nice coloring and stylish design are eye-catching.

This camera can easily take film pictures, but you can also attach a panorama frame to take panoramic pictures!

However, the panoramic frame must be removed when taking non-panoramic photographs, and the film chamber must be opened in order to remove the panoramic frame.

Therefore, normal-size photos cannot be taken when a panoramic frame is attached.

If you make the decision to use each film exclusively for panoramic photography, you may discover a new way to take panoramic photographs!

Of course, if you do not use the panoramic frame, you can enjoy normal film photography.

I suggest you get a taste of how to use this camera!

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Found on a film compact camera!

The shutter button on a compact camera!

These are just a few of the compact cameras that are easy to use and enjoy!

Writer Takashi Okumura

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