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Eyepiece shutter of a Canon film SLR camera!



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In this article, we will introduce the eyepiece shutter of Canon’s 1966 manual-focus film SLR camera.

What is an eyepiece shutter?

It is a curtain that prevents light from entering the viewfinder when shooting without looking through the viewfinder.

Canon PELLIX QL (Reference product)

To use the eyepiece shutter, use the eyepiece shutter switch dial on the top of the body.

A larger dial is located at the bottom of the film rewind crank handle. The round indicator on the dial is used to select switching.

There is a select mark next to the dial, and when the dial indicator is aligned with the rectangular section at the bottom in this photo,

The viewfinder will be in its normal clear state as shown in this photo.

When the dial is selected on the black square at the top, a black curtain is inserted to block the light.

In this article, we introduced the eyepiece shutter of Canon’s 1966 manual focus SLR camera.

We have recently introduced various parts of the Canon PELLIX QL, and this made us realize the importance of the eyepiece shutter.

I was able to study again the mechanism that has been used in modern cameras since the 1960s.

We will continue to introduce unexpected discoveries and mechanisms of film cameras in the future, so please look forward to them!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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