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Film and ISO Sensitivity



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In this article, I will write about film and ISO sensitivity.

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When using a film camera, there are different types of

film to use depending on the time of day and weather conditions

The type of sensitivity is indicated by the ISO sensitivity number.

What kind of film should I use then?

For use with SLR and compact cameras

I will write about 135 film (35mm)

In general

ISO 100 (outdoors or in bright daylight)

ISO 200 (for vivid colors in daylight, etc.)

ISO 400 (can handle any situation, outdoor or indoor)

ISO 800 (good for indoor moving subjects, telephoto lenses, dusk, etc.)

I’m just saying.

This is only a basic guideline.


Information can be read from the outer box.

(In this case, we will use KODAK COLORPLUS 200 as a reference.)

ISO sensitivity is indicated by a number.

And indication of whether it is color or black and white

How many shots of film?

Information such as the following can be read

It is also noted on the back of the outer box

Inside the box lid is an illustration of the aperture value

for each shooting situation when using this film at a

shutter speed of 1/125.

The film itself also contains the necessary information.

Once you have decided on the film to use for shooting,

have the camera set the ISO sensitivity of the film

if it is an SLR camera

As an addendum.
The dial is ASA, which means American Standard.
ISO means International Organization for Standardization,
and ASA and ISO are the same number.

This is all I have written about film and ISO sensitivity.

In the next issue, I would like to write about “exposure.

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