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Film compact camera grip design by FUJIFILM Part 3 !



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Today we will be looking at the grip design of an autofocus zoom film compact camera released by FUJIFILM in 1995.

FUJI ZOOM CARDIA SUPER 170 (Reference product)

This compact camera is made of plastic in gray and black color.

The grip section, however, is black in color and has a section made of a material that prevents fingers from slipping.

There is a battery compartment here, and the grip itself is its lid.

Viewed from the top, the grip section looks like a gradual ascent like a mountain.

The entire body is designed to be easy to grip.

The sides also have a curved design that is easy to grip.

Today we have a grip design for FUJIFILM’s 1995 release of an autofocus zoom compact camera.

The grip design of this camera is a common part of the CARDIA series: the grip design uses the entire camera.

I thought it was a very good design to use the battery compartment lid as the most important part of the grip.

We will continue to introduce various film camera designs in the future, so please look forward to them!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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