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Film compact camera grip design by OLYMPUS Part 2 !



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Today we will be looking at the grip design of an autofocus zoom film compact camera released by Olympus in 1998.

OLYMPUS μ ZOOM105 DELUXE(L) (Reference product)

It will be made of plastic in a champagne gold color.

The grip is the part of the body that slides down when shooting.

The grip section is designed for easy gripping.

From the top, you can see that the design has a firm grip.

From the bottom, the grip design is very smooth.

The side part is a battery compartment.

The back has a round non-slip protrusion above the film chamber window.

Today we have a grip design for OLYMPUS’ 1998 release of an autofocus zoom compact camera.

This camera has a great idea design where you slide the body into the grip.

I think it was inevitably designed that way, but I thought it was a very good design.

Please look forward to more grip designs for film compact cameras in the future!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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