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Film compact camera with autofocus zoom Part 7 !



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We present a Fujifilm zoom autofocus bifocal film compact camera released in 1995.

FUJIFILM ZOOM CARDIA SUPER 170 (Reference product)


The appearance is a fusion of plastic gray color and black color.
The manufacturer’s logo is in white color and the panorama display is in gold color.

The built-in flash, manufacturer’s logo, and viewfinder receiver are designed with a black color base.

The lens mounted on the camera is a Fujinon lens, a 35mm to 70mm zoom lens.

The shutter button, zoom button, film counter, film rewind, self-timer, and flash button are located on the top face. The film rewind button is also on the top surface.

The design of the left side of the camera from this position to the shutter release button is gently curved, which is a nice touch.

Rear view.
On the top are the main and lens open/close switches, and the slide switch for panoramic photography. Then there is the LCD panel for the date.

The base design of the viewfinder is unique.

This time, we introduced a Fujifilm zoom auto-focus compact camera released in 1995.

Compared to the FUJI TELE CARDIA SUPER DATE introduced in the previous issue, it is a little more compact and has an image of being simplified in many ways.
In the midst of all this, the distinctive design of this camera seemed to subtly assert itself.

Fujifilm’s Cardia series has a wide variety of models, and we can see a lot of individuality in them, so please look forward to my next introduction!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura