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Film compact cameras and headlights ! Part2



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In my last column, I wrote about a film compact camera whose design resembles a car headlight, and now I’ve found another camera that looks just like it!

As usual, I will write with reference to the camera that is on sale at our vintage shop Japan Inc.


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This is FUJIFILM SMART SHOT II, which often appears in our maintenance reports, but the design of the viewfinder lens and flash unit looks even more like a car headlight than the previous KONICA KANPAI!

These are the headlights of the AUDI A4 that the author used to own, and they were almost the same as the previous image, although I made them different from the previous one (laughs).

Since this model of AUDI automobile was released in 1994 and FUJIFILM SMART SHOT II was released in 1997, this kind of design must have been popular in compact cameras around 1990, just like the previous KONICA KANPAI.

For reference, here are the headlights of the VW GOLF 4 from 1997.

Totally unlike Audi, the headlight design has nothing to do with compact camera design (laughs).

When you think about it, it may have just been a coincidence that Audi’s headlight design at the time was similar to the camera design.

I thought that the designers must have been influenced by various influences as they designed the product, since it is the same industrial product even though it is in a different genre.

I’ll keep you posted on anything else that catches my attention in the column, so stay tuned!

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