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Film counter for ASAHI Optical Industries’ film SLR camera, Part 3!



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In this issue, we would like to introduce the film counter of ASAHI Optical Industries’ manual focus film SLR camera released in 1961.

ASAHI PENTAX S3 (Reference product)

The film counter is located on the top surface of the film winding lever rotation.

There is no film counter window. It has a black base dial with red-colored and white-colored numerical and memory indicators. There is a red-colored triangular indicator on the outside.

Starting with the red color of 0, the dial itself rotates and advances.

To return the counter, the dial is returned using the round knobs above the 10 and 30 respectively.

This time, we introduced a film counter for a manual focus film SLR camera released in 1961 by ASAHI Optical Industries.

Although the chronological order is reversed, this camera’s counter is the previous year’s model of the SV we introduced in the previous issue.

I guessed that the unusual rotating dial of the film counter was changed to a window type for better visibility.

Please look forward to my next column where I will continue to write about the various functions and discoveries of film cameras!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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Writer Takashi Okumura