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Film loading confirmation window design for OLYMPUS film compact cameras!



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Today we will be looking at the film loading confirmation window design of an auto-focus film compact camera released by OLYMPUS in 1991.

OLYMPUS IZM230 QUARTZDATE (Reference product) 

The film loading confirmation window is located next to the hinge of the film chamber lid.

It is a transparent plastic window with a large long hole shape.

When the film is loaded, the film information is clearly visible.

Today we have a film load confirmation window design for an OLYMPUS autofocus compact camera released in 1991.

This is a film loading confirmation window of a common shape.

The shape of the window has a large semicircular section at the front and rear of the long hole, giving it a very soft-touch design!

We will continue to introduce various interesting equipment and designs of film cameras in the future, so please look forward to it!

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Writer Takashi Okumura