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Film winding lever of a PETRI Camera SLR!



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Today we will send you a film winding lever for SLR cameras!

In this article, we would like to look at the film winding lever of the PETRI Camera SLR camera released in 1970.

What is the film winder lever?

The film winding lever serves to manually move the lever to advance the film to the next frame to prepare for the next shot after the shutter is released.

PETRI V6-Ⅱ (Reference product)

This is a steel film SLR camera released in 1970.

The film winding lever is located on the top of the body.
It is located next to the shutter speed knob.

In this PETRI V6-II, the film counter is on the opposite side, so this part serves as the winding lever alone.

The lever body is made of steel and the rotating part has a circular plate at the top.

The parts that touch the hand are made of a moderate plastic component that is easy to operate.

In this issue, we introduced the film winding lever of the PETRI Camera SLR camera released in 1970.

As for PETRI Camera, each part had many unique design parts that were different from those of other manufacturers.

The film winding lever introduced here was very simple with a very common design.

The film winding lever stood out because there was no film counter or shutter button nearby.

Please look forward to my future columns, where I will continue to introduce various aspects of film cameras that are different from the general point of view by taking a close-up look at various aspects of film cameras!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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