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Film winding lever of an Olympus SLR camera Part 2 !



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We will continue our series on film winding levers of Olympus SLR cameras!

This time, we will look at the film winding lever of an SLR camera released in 1979, comparing it with the OM-1 released in 1973, which we introduced in the previous issue.

OLYMPUS OM10 (Reference product)

This is a steel black color film manual SLR camera released 44 years ago.

View from the top.

Comparison with ОМ-1.

The film winding lever is located on the top surface. It is located next to the shutter button and shutter speed dial, both in similar positions.



View from the top of the front side.
The winding lever shaft is located at the film counter.

The design of the lever differs greatly from that of OM-1.



The lever body is made of plastic.

There is a difference in the part that hangs on the hand.
The OM-1 has a steel base and a plastic tip, while the OM10 has an all plastic lever.



View from the rear.

You can clearly see the thickness of the lever and its smooth design.



In this issue, we compare the old and new film winding levers of Olympus film SLR cameras.

Comparing the OM10 released in 1979 with the OM-1 of 1973, we can see that there is a complete difference in design and function in every part of the camera.

The comparison clearly shows that as time goes by, all parts of the camera evolve.

We will continue to introduce various aspects of film cameras from different perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end!

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Writer Takashi Okumura