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Flash design for FUJIFILM’s Rapid System film compact camera!



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Today we will be looking at the flash of FUJIFILM’s FUJICA brand Rapid System compact camera released in 1966.

FUJICA RAPID SF (Reference product)


The flash is a type that uses a flash bulb.

A socket type flash is used. The light emitting cut surface of the flash is three-dimensional.

The camera model nameplate serves as a lid for the flash section, which is opened to insert an AG-1 type flash bulb.

This time we introduced the flash design of the FUJICA Rapid System film compact camera released in 1966.

This flash uses a bulb, which is common in cameras of this era.

Please note that we could not show you the flash bulb because we do not have it with us.

Please look forward to my future articles on the design of various parts of film cameras!

Thank you for reading my column today.

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