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Flash pilot lamp design for Konica film compact cameras!



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Today we will be looking at the flash pilot lamp design of an auto-focus film compact camera released by Konica in 1977.

Konica C35 AF (Reference product)

The flash pilot light is located behind the flash.

When the POP-UP button is pressed, the flash pops up and a light oscillating sound is heard for a few seconds.

After that, when it is ready, the pilot light will glow and the camera is ready to shoot.

Today we introduced the flash pilot lamp design for Konica’s 1977 release auto-focus compact camera.

This is a supplement to the flash design we introduced last time.

The oscillating sound and pilot lamp allow for very clear flash photography.

We look forward to introducing more film camera equipment and designs of interest as we discover them again in the future!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura