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Focus free film compact camera!



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Introducing Fujifilm’s focus free film compact camera.

There are two major categories of film compact cameras.
One is a focus free (fixed focus) camera with no zoom function, and the other is an autofocus camera with a zoom function.

Today we will introduce a compact camera with focus and no zoom function.


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Camera body exterior has minor scuffs and scratches from normal use.

The flash section cover is clean.

Lens is clean.

The underside of the body also has minor scuffs and scratches from normal use.

The viewfinder is beautiful.

Upper part of the body.

The film room is clean.

The battery compartment has a little dirt, but is energized.

No accessories.

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These are Fujifilm’s focus free film compact cameras.

Focus free film compact cameras cannot zoom, but once film and batteries are inserted, it is easy and simple to enjoy film photography.

Try living a life of film photography with a lightweight, focus free film compact camera that you can enjoy anywhere!

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