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Found in the lens name Part2!



at first

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In this issue.
about the names of vintage Olympus lenses.
I have made a new discovery and will write about it.

I will explain using the lenes sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.


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In Olympus lenses.
The name OM-SYSTEM always appears.

What is OM?
I guessed that the “OM” was a combination of the “O” of Olympus and
the initial “M” of the surname of the camera designer, Mr. Yoshihisa Maitani.

ZUIKO will surely appear.

This ZUIKO is the first lens that
Olympus made a camera lens in 1936 when it was then

It seems to have become “ZUIKO” with the light of good omens
(meaning good things or omens of happy things to happen).

ZUIKO” means “good omen” in Japanese.

There is also a theory that the lens was developed at a place called
Mizuho Optical Laboratory, from which the letters
There is also a theory that the name “ZUIKO” was derived from the letters of the name.

Even now 
Both the OM-SYSTEM and ZUIKO names
Both names are on the products.

It’s always fun to find out where a name comes from!

The above is what I wrote about finding the name.

If we find anything more by name, we will write a column about it.


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Writer Takashi Okumura