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Found on a FUJIFILM film compact camera!



at first

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In this issue

The following products are sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.
Fujifilm’s film compact camera
I have made a discovery in a Fujifilm film compact camera
I will write a column about it.


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This compact camera was

It was released in 1989.

It is a slightly larger film compact camera.

The first part I noticed was

The side of the body that presses the shutter is protruding toward the
front for easy gripping.

(Seen from above)

Great ergonomic design, easy to grip!

And in the name of the lens

FUJINON” is used as the name of the lens exclusively for Fujifilm lenses.

This shows that
I believe that even compact cameras put a lot of
effort into their lenses.

There was one more thing.
Even though the flash is built in.
You can mount an optional flash!

That’s a pretty good option!

This also shows the seriousness of the makers of
compact cameras.

We sent you about FUJIFILM film compact cameras.

I’ll keep you posted on my findings as I make more discoveries.

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