Maintenance Report

FUJIFILM SMART SHOT II camera cleaning work


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We will be cleaning this camera that we purchased this time.

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Remove dust from the body with a blower.

After opening the film chamber and removing dust with a blower

Clean it with a cloth soaked in a thin layer of household detergent.

The film chamber is very clean.

Cleaning the battery compartment
Use anhydrous ethanol and clean with a cotton swab.
Cotton swabs are great because they are multi-purpose.

Cleaning the lens

Cleaning the viewfinder

Cleaning the camera body
For the body, use a diluted household detergent.

Checking the operation
Insert batteries and check the flash.
Shutter and flash are confirmed.
(Later, the film winding was confirmed.)

Cleaning and operation check are completed.

This Smart Shot II was released in 1997.
It is the successor to the Smart Shot, which was released in 1994 as a camera that could be used with “Sharundesu” at any time.
It is a lightweight and easy to use film camera.

It also has a built-in flash, so you can take pictures in dark places or at night.
In particular
Light weight is a big plus for women!
With a warm film camera photo that leaves you with a feeling of joy, this camera will make you smile more!
Get one as an item in your bag, by all means!

Writer T.Okumura