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Grip design of a Canon film SLR camera Part 2 !



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Today we will be taking a look at the grip design of Canon’s 1990 autofocus film SLR camera.

Canon EOS 10 QD (Reference product)

It has a large, black-colored plastic body.
The grip is made of plastic with a soft pattern.

The grip section is large in proportion to the larger body.

Looking at the top, the design is a large semicircle that juts forward considerably.

The lower part has the same design as the upper part.

Canon SLRs have a larger grip and a battery compartment lid because the battery compartment is inside the grip.

The shutter release button is located on the top of the grip.
There are dials for shutter speed and aperture adjustment.

Comparing the body with the EOS Kiss released in 1993, you can see the difference in size.
On the left is the EOS Kiss and on the right is the EOS 10 QD.

The rear is EOS Kiss and the front is EOS 10 QD.

Today we introduced grips for Canon’s 1990 release of auto-focus SLR cameras.

This time we compared the old and new models.

When we put them side by side, we found that they share the same design despite the difference in size.

A good design will go on unchanged over time.

We will continue to introduce this grip design, which shows the characteristics of the manufacturer, so please look forward to it in the future!

Thank you again for reading this column.

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Writer Takashi Okumura