Maintenance Report

Hachiyo opt Alpenflex ORIENT Ⅲ camera cleaning work


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Hachiyo opt Alpenflex ORIENT Ⅲ

We will be doing cleaning work on this camera we purchased.

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Remove dust from the entire camera

Open the film chamber and remove dust

Metal part.
Wipe the metal parts with Silvon paper and cotton swabs

using anhydrous ethanol.

Remove dust from the lens

Clean with Silvon paper using anhydrous ethanol

Remove dust from the viewfinder

Clean with Silvon paper using anhydrous ethanol

Wipe the entire body with a towel using anhydrous ethanol

Check the operation

Cleaning and operation check are completed

The manufacturer of this twin-lens reflex camera is Hachiyo Optical Industries,

a company that does not exist today,

and was established around 1945 when it took over the Nagano factory of the current Nikon Corporation.

The company seems to have gone out of business in 1955.

The camera was manufactured in the early 1950s,

about 70 years ago. Amazing!

The exterior is in quite good condition, which is hard to

believe that it is about 70 years old

As for the optics, there are scratches, fogging, and mold,

and the shutter sometimes works and sometimes does not.

For this reason, we are listing it as junk.

If you are interested, or not.

Please get it and enjoy the vintage camera.

Please get it and get into the world of vintage cameras and twin-lens reflex cameras!

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Writer Takashi Okumura