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I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

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Well, it was cold, cold, cold, and the first snow fell near the

top of the mountain.

Teineyama, the highest mountain in Sapporo, is relatively

close to our house, and the area around its summit has

turned white with snow.

※Reprinted from Weather News

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This Mt. Teine is 3356 feet high.

With popular slopes for gathering wild vegetables in spring,

mountain climbing in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and

skiing and snowboarding in winter, there is something for

everyone to enjoy in each of the four seasons.

There is another big mountain pass, and this pass is used

for logistics, sightseeing, and driving.

There is the “Nakayama Pass” which has a lot of traffic, and

the first snow fell near the top of this pass as well, covering

both the road and the parking lot.

Nakayama Pass First Snowfall News

YouTube HTB TV Hokkaido News

The elevation of this Nakayama Pass is 2,739 feet

There is a big temperature difference between this time of

year and the flatlands of Sapporo City.

The first snowfall is quite heavy, so it is a dangerous pass if

you do not change your car to studless tires.

Please drive safely, drivers!

I hope this story has conveyed the cold to those of you

who live in warmer climates. (^^)

It was 3 degrees Celsius in Sapporo this morning and about

10 degrees Celsius at noon.

It is almost winter.

Since it’s so cold, it’s a good time to enjoy the season by

eating something warm.

from this time of the year.!(^ ^)!

So today’s lunch is “Kama-age Udon”!

Hot kamaage udon is really delicious on a cold day!

A 15-minute drive from our office is a long-established udon


I ordered a large bowl of kama-age udon at “ichu”.^^

The front of the building, which is a very long-established


Ornament welcoming you at the entrance^^

When you order udon, ginger and grater come out first

Grate fresh ginger yourself.

It is a very fragrant, warming condiment.

Free toppings are placed on the table, and you are free to

use as many as you like.

Seaweed, kelp boiled with Japanese pepper, dried bonito

flakes and small fish

I think the kelp is probably cooked after the dashi is made.

So lean and tasty, and you’re contributing to the SDGs!

Just in time to grate the ginger.

He brought udon sauce.

It’s hot sauce in a tokkuri, which is originally used to hold


The sauce is mild and tasty, with a hint of dashi (Japanese

soup stock).

And here comes the “kamaage udon”!

It is hot and steamy, but I took this picture with my smart


I took this picture with my smart phone, so it’s a pity that you

can hardly see the steam.

I wanted to bring it back to our Vintage Shop Japan inc.

studio and shoot it with a film camera…

Digital cameras are easy and many of them are good and

convenient, but

long-established ones can take great pictures with a film


There’s something so good about analog!

I wanted to take a picture with this camera with good


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Even a compact camera can take very good atmospheric

photos! (This is also for sale… lol)

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The name of the restaurant is clearly printed on the


In the past few years, “Kanji” has become popular among

overseas customers.

Well, on a cold day, since we’re here, let’s enjoy the cold!

There are many delicious foods in Hokkaido in the coming


You can also enjoy winter sports.

I would love to see more travelers, not only from Japan, but

also from overseas, come to Hokkaido!

You’re welcome, so please come!

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Photo by Takashi Okumura

Writer Kazuya Maruishi