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How a Twin Lens Reflex Camera Works



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In this issue.

I will write about twin-lens reflex cameras in a simple and

easy-to-understand manner.

I will explain using the cameras sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

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A twin-lens reflex camera is

A camera with a separate viewfinder lens and a separate shooting lens.

It works like the image below.

The object you want to capture (the subject) is

The object (subject) is reflected through the viewfinder lens from the

mirror to the upper viewfinder.

The actual image is captured on film through the lower viewfinder lens.

For more information on the differences between

film SLR cameras

Please refer to this column.

Hachiyo opt Alpenflex ORIENT Ⅲ camera cleaning work

This is a description of how a twin-lens reflex camera works.

In the next issue, I would like to write a more detailed column on the

names and features of each part of a twin-lens reflex camera.

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