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Konica film compact camera Part2!



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We would like to put the spotlight on Konica’s film compact cameras.

I have written a column about my thoughts after comparing old and new cameras with reference to cameras currently on sale at our Vintage Shop Japan, Inc.

Please note that this camera has appeared in previous columns, so there may be some overlap in content.


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This KANPAI is a compact camera released in November 1989.
It does not have an autofocus function, but it has the world’s first awesome feature.

The world’s first feature is…

It has the ability to shut off the shutter if it catches your voice!

“KANPAI” when you lift the lever up under the logo!

The microphone switch turns on and the volume indicator appears.

Now all we have to do is shoot out loud!

Since the camera is named “KANPAI”, it might be best to use it at a banquet (lol).
(KANPAI is a Japanese greeting to start a party!)

You can use it like a self-timer, and you can even take selfies!
And of course you can take normal pictures, so it’s a very fun compact camera!

Playful film compact camera “KANPAI

If you’re interested, by all means, have fun!

I’ll keep you posted on any more fun cameras in my column, so stay tuned!

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